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Pettijohn Memorial Housing

Home of the Free because of the Brave

Pettijohn Veterans Housing
Senior Homeless Veterans

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, “Veteran Homelessness: Supplement to the 2010 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress,


The veteran wave is part of the silver tsunami represented by the baby boomers that are increasing the population over 65 that will double by 2030.

Lee Ann Hubanks


Plano Community Homes

What is the Pettijohn Memorial Housing?


Pettijohn Memorial Housing will provide affordable housing for low income Vietnam era and prior Veterans and traumatic brain injury veterans.  It will serve 92 single person households or two person households.  Rent will be based on income to make it affordable and will not exceed 30% of their income. 


Is this a Homeless Shelter?


This is NOT transitional housing or a shelter until something better comes along.  THIS IS HOME.  This is why we are asking for your help. We want these Veterans off the streets, out of their cars, off their church friend's couches, out of their family's garages, out from  under bridges, off street corners and out of the rotating cycle of shelters. They deserve better. 


Why are we doing this?  


According to the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs there are still more than 1.7 million Americans alive who served in World War II, but that number is dwindling fast at roughly 550 per day.  The next generations that served in the Korean War represented by 2,275,000 living Veterans and Vietnam War represented by 7,391,000 living veterans are entering or are in their later years, are creating a greater need for elderly care and services.  Of particular need are the low-income Veterans who struggle with just the basic needs of life that include affordable housing.


Why I am doing this?


My name is Lee Ann Hubanks, I am the President of Plano Community Homes and I would like to tell you why we are asking for your help.  I have spent half of my life with this organization, starting with the land of the first building. I believe in our Mission.  I have been here through the building of 7 buildings, the acquisition of a troubled property that we turned around at HUD's request.  We did a refinancing and merger of our first two buildings into one with a $1.3 million renovation.  In the last couple of years Congress has stopped funding new Section 202 housing.


It was time to look to the future and see how to keep the mission going.  That is when real life stepped in.  We were getting more and more Veterans on the waiting list and they needed more and more services.  On a more personal level, This brought back memories of my cousin who served in Viet Nam.  He was struggling and deteriorating. His sister  told me she was frustrated and vented her frustrations to me because she needed someone who wouldn't judge and would understand.  He needed services beyond what the family could provide.  My cousin passed away and I couldn't do anything.  That stuck with me.  No family should ever have to go through this.  He had served so proudly, as his father, aunt and uncle had in World War II.

We already own the land adjacent to the current Pioneer Place Campus.

How are we going to make this happen?


We have 30 years of experience and it was time for us to step up.  Out of this was born Pettijohn Memorial Housing. 


We are working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Lancaster Pollard  and several prominent foundations for the $11M necessary for construction and development of a new facility. 


We currently own the land designated for a facility to assist low income Vietnam era and prior Veterans and post 9/11 traumatic brain injury Veterans who are about to run out of housing options.

Why we believe we can do this?


Plano Community Home, Inc. is a world class, highly rated, community based nonprofit company that has provided low income and very low income HUD subsidized senior housing for 1700 residents over 62 and older and those who are mobility impaired for over 30 years.  We began based on a vision of a small group of businessman and churches and one small piece of land to provide housing for low-income seniors.  That vision became the mission of our dedicated Board of Directors, sponsoring churches and organizations, staff members and volunteers to provide the best living environments for our residents.  Today we operate four attractive, modern living communities with a total of 474 apartments designed to serve low-income persons 62 and older and those who require the features of our accessible units. 


Our executive staff has been recognized at the local, regional and national levels for their excellent and innovative management approach and has over 65 years of combined experience in low-income subsidized housing. The Pettijohn Memorial Housing and Wellness is a continuation of our mission to provide low income elderly housing.


We know it won't be easy but we will have professionals there to help them.


Who are the Pettijohns?


Pettijohn Memorial Housing is named for the Pettijohn family veterans who served in the Civil War, World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars wth all their brothers and sisters in arms. The Pettijohns are Lee Ann Hubanks (President PCH) family. 



Plano Community Homes is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) 3 of the IRS code, so donations are deductible for computing Income and Estate Taxes.

Plano Community Homes

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