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Specializing in Quality, Affordable Housing for Seniors


Plano Community Homes located in Plano and Denton Texas, are attractive, modern living communities designed to serve low-income persons 62 and older and those who require the features of our accessible units. Our communities began from the creative vision of a few individuals. For more than 30 years, that vision has been supported by a dedicated Board of Directors, sponsoring churches and organizations, staff members and volunteers.

Plano Community Homes Offers 468 HUD Subsidized Apartments for Senior Living Instead of Vouchers.

Our HUD section 8 community, located in East Plano on Avenue L at 18th Street, has 129 one bedroom and efficiency apartments and a renovated community room, kitchen and second-floor activity center.


Not far from our East Campus Community is Pioneer Place Senior Housing, located on Avenue K, which is a HUD 202 Project Rental Assistance Project (PRAC). There are 134 one bedroom apartments in this community.


The West Campus Community is located in West Plano, north of the Medical Center of Plano on American Drive. It boasts three apartment buildings, with 167 one bedroom apartments.


Our latest addition to the Plano Community Homes family is our Fairoaks Campus Community located in Denton, Texas. Fairoaks of Denton has 40 one-bedroom apartments, all located at the ground level with lovely patios and flower gardens in a country style setting.


Our History

In 1983, Reverend Doctor Tom Graves, the minister of First United Methodist Church together with a local landowner recognized a growing need for low-income senior housing in Plano, Texas. Plano was a rapidly growing community north of Dallas Texas.  The landowner offered a piece of land, at a reasonable price, that had enough space to support construction of a building.  However, they did not know what to do next.  So Rev. Graves contacted Don Learner an old friend that was the administrator of Dickenson Place, a low-income senior housing facility in Dallas.  Don told them about a HUD program called Section 202/8 that provided funds for the development of low-income housing.


Knowing that they would need more support Rev Graves approached the Ministerial Alliance in the Plano.  From these discussions, a grass roots, community based sponsor called Plano Community Homes Sponsor was created and had one employee, Lee Ann Hubanks who is the current President and CEO.


The first step was to pay for the land.  Working with the City of Plano Don Learner assisted them in applying for its very first Community Development Grant (CDBG).  Plano Community Homes received the first distribution of $125, 000 to purchase the land. In addition, an application was submitted to HUD for a Section 202/8 grant for funding to build 144 apartment units.  HUD was not able to fund all 144 units.  Plano Community Homes did receive $3.2M for 73 unit in 1983.  Plano Community Homes received an additional $2.8M in 1984 for 57 units making the total number of units 130.


Using an Office in 1st United Methodist Church, on the first day that applications could be picked up and before the doors opened, the line for applications stretched from the door, down the parking lot and around the building.  Some of the applicants had arrived as early as 3:00 AM.


Phase I of Plano Community Homes was completed in July 1986.  The 73 units of Plano Community Homes Phase I were fully occupied in three days with a waiting list of 300.  The 57 units of Plano Community Homes Phase II was completed in February 1987 and was fully occupied in three days and still had a waiting list of 300. Plano Community Home received funds of $3.1M in 1993, $3.6M in 1995, and $2.6M in1996, for three buildings in West Plano which opened in 1996, 1997 and 1998 and we still did not meet the demand for low income housing with a waiting list of 200. The West Campus population was so diverse they were awarded both a state Cultural Diversity Award and the National Hobart Jackson Award for Cultural Diversity.


In 2003 Plano Community Home received HUD funding of $6M for 61 apartments for Phase I of Pioneer Place, and received $7.9 in 2008 for 72 units for Pioneer Place Phase II, both located near downtown Plano.


In the fall of 2007, HUD turned to Plano Community Homes and asked us to take over and run two neglected properties, Fairhaven and Fairoaks in Denton, Texas. After struggling to maintain and renovate the Fairhaven property it was closed in the fall of 2009.  The Fairoaks property was renovated to bring it up to code and the grounds were landscaped and is now a beautiful property of six-plexes with porches and flowerbeds for each unit. The Denton properties had a significant impact on our available funds and we are working for donations and grants to help us start another new project.


Just like recognition of the original need for low-income senior housing, our staff has recently identified a need for housing low income senior and post 9/11 traumatic brain injury Veterans. We currently have one additional piece of property in Plano near the Pioneer Place campus designated for a building to assist veterans who are about to run out of housing options or are already homeless. This new facility would also include a Wellness Center for our residents as well as seniors throughout the community at large, with a focus on retired Veterans and newly returning Veterans.


Plano Community Homes has been recognized by HUD with a best practices award, and they trust in our ability to develop and manage low-income senior and mobility impaired housing demonstrated by their request to take over the Denton, Texas properties.  Plano Community Homes has participated in and been recognized by LeadingAge and LeandingAge Texas which are associations of non-profits that provide homes and services for the aging, as a national leader in low-income senior housing.



Lee Ann Hubanks – President and CEO


Lee Ann has 30 years of experience in developing and managing senior supportive housing facilities, and is recognized as an award winning expert in senior housing and senior care at the federal, state and local levels.  She has written and managed proposals for start-up and operations of the current Plano Community Homes properties. She has developed corporate policies and administrative procedures to improve efficiency of operations.  She is resident focused to improve resident quality of life through continuous review and improvement of services. 

Management Team

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She has an exceptional history in multi-year fundraising and grants to support improvement in services and facilities.  Through leadership and mentoring she has created a dedicated and award winning staff focused on resident well being. Under her tutelage the staff has received awards that include 3 staff members receiving the Leading Age Texas (formally Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging) Housing Professional of the Year and 2009, 2010 and 2013 Board Leadership Awards. Three maintenance staff who have received the Environmental Service of the Year in recent years and two Customer Service awards. She is a dynamic and creative problem solver of difficult problems while maintaining fiscal integrity.  She is skilled at working with diverse groups and stakeholders to achieve objectives and development of key relationships and partnerships.


Lee Ann’s education includes:


Master of Science Degree of Studies in Aging from North Texas State University. 

Specialist Certification in Aging from North Texas State University

Bachelor of Science in Geriatric Social Work from the University of Wisconsin.


Professional Association Recognition and Support include:


Leading Age formerly American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA).

House of Delegates 4 Terms

Member of Board of Directors

Affordable Housing Financing Cabinet

Awards Committee

Governance Task Force

Housing Committee Chair

Housing Network-Founding Member

Housing Preservation Task Force 2 Terms

Education and Planning Committee

Representative to White House Conference on Aging


Leading Age Texas formerly Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (TAHSA)


Past Chair



Member of Board of Directors

Finance Committee Chair

Education Committee Chair

Public Relations Conference Chair

Public Policy Committee Chair

Public Policy Committee

North Texas Chapter Chair


Collin County Aging Network

Founding Member

Mental Health Association of Collin County

Aging Committee Chair



TAHSA, Award of Honor for 22 years of service to the elderly of Texas

TAHSA, Meritorious Service Award

University of North Texas, Time and Talent Award for Retirement Housing Program (RHP)

University of North Texas, Distinguished Alumni Award

University of North Texas, Preceptor of the Year

HUD Best Practices Award



Roque’ Christensen, LCSW, CASP – Executive Vice President


Roque’ has over 20 years of experience in social work and facility management in multi-care facilities.  She has experience in assisted living and long term care.  She has developed policies, care plans and assisted and lead efforts for resident admissions.  She has also developed marketing and fundraising operations.  As a campus administrator she has managed variety of department operations that included regulatory compliance, budgeting, system implementation, quality care, and customer service and staff development.  For Plano Community Homes she led a $1.3B refinance and renovation of one of our older facilities.

She has been recognized as a leader in elderly housing with a TASHA Housing Professional of the Year, TASHA Legislative Star and LeadingAge (formerly TASHA) Mentor of the Year awards.


Roque’s Education includes;


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and English from Austin College

Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington


Professional Association Recognition and Support include:


Teaching Experience

Field Instructor, University of Texas at Arlington, School of Social Work

Field Instructor, Indiana University School of Social Work

Instructor, Eastfield Community College, 2003


Licensure and Certification

Certified Hospice Volunteer, 1990

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Aging Services Professional



Chair Elect LeadingAge Texas

LeadingAge (formerly AAHSA) 2014 Leadership Academy Fellow

LeadingAge Texas Board Treasurer

LeadingAge Texas Board Secretary

TASHA Senior Living Improvement Committee

TASHA Housing Committee Chair

Board Member, Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (TASHA)

American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA)

President, Long Term Care Social Workers of Dallas

Board Member, Dallas Area Gerontological Society

National Association of Social Workers



Rhoda Byers - Executive Vice President


Rhoda has 18 years of experience in subsidized elderly housing.  She has been an Assistant Administrator, Campus Administrator and is currently an Executive Vice President of Plano Community Homes.  She has managed multiple properties and the full spectrum of employees.  She has developed company and campus policies, and planned strategic actions to improve the quality of life of the residents. She has managed the full range of financial responsibilities from single campus budgeting to multi-property financial management.  She has also conducted various staff and intern training.

Rhoda’s education includes;


A graduate of the LeadingAge Texas Leadership Institute.

Certified Aging Services Professional from The University of North Texas

Masters of Science Degree in Administration of Aging Organizations, from The University of North Texas.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies and Speech Communications from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.


Professional Association Recognition and Support include:


LeadingAge Social Responsibility Award

 LeadingAge Texas Program of the Year Award

LeadingAge Texas Mentor of the Year



LeadingAge Texas Senior Living Improvement Committee member

LeadingAge Texas Educational Institute on Aging

LeadingAge Texas Leadership Conference Committee member

Educational Institute on Aging Board Member

Plano Community Homes

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