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Service Coordination assists residents in maintaining an independent lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

Service Coordination


SINCE 1983


Because prevention is key to effective aging in place, Service Coordinators strive to identify needs and intervene in a manner that provides lasting and meaningful solutions. Service Coordinators are advocates, educators, and service facilitators. Some of the everyday tasks of the Service Coordinator include working as the liaison between management and residents, promoting wellness, referring residents to outside resources, providing limited case management, educating residents on availability and eligibility of programming, and advising residents and families of service and care options.

Once you are a resident the Service Coordinator can assist with:


  • Questions regarding your current benefits and applying for others you may be eligible for including Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, Extra Help, Food Stamps, and more.
  • Questions regarding your utility, cable, or phone bills in addition to making referrals to money management programs which assist with budgeting and financial planning.
  • Information regarding local home health agencies such as Meals on Wheels and housecleaning services.
  • Complaints or concerns related to policies and resident interactions, and when possible, will work with residents towards a solution. They also serve as a liaison between management and residents, answering any questions, addressing conflict, and informing residents about lease policies, house rules and lease violations.
  • Emergency preparedness. They are available to talk to or make referrals to counseling agencies as support during times of crisis.
  • Arranging transportation and completing related forms.
  • Employment and education needs. They invite speakers to present topics on relevant resident issues in addition to assisting with individual employment and educational goals.
  • Volunteer groups and are available to assist the resident council in planning activities.
  • Can advocate on the residents behalf when barriers are encountered in obtaining needed services.
Need help with something not listed here? Come ask. Your Service Coordinator will help you find the source for resolving your issue.

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